Kapas Bedsheets

Our very own line of bedsheets.

Bedsheets made with love

Extra Long Fibres

37mm extra long-staple cotton with Sateen weave

Threadcount and Yarn

400 thread count with a 80 x 80 yarn provides a smooth buttery sleep

Certified Materials

Chemical-free Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®


Thoughtfully designed with deep pockets, strong elastic, useful ties and woven tags
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OEKO-TEX® certified

We mean it when we say soft never felt this safe. The Kapas bedsheet is certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, meaning you’re sleeping on sheets that are completely free from harmful substances.

Oeko-Tex® is a globally recognised third-party institution independent from the manufacturers of the fabric which certifies that textiles are free from harmful substances at all levels of processing, from raw fabric to the finished product.

We are proud that the Kapas sheet wrinkles, because it’s made from 100% cotton and is free of formaldehyde (a known carcinogenic substance used for anti-wrinkle treatment)!

Imagine how much your skin and overall health will improve sleeping on chemical-free sheets?
Oeko-tex certified Kapas Bedsheets

Our Materials

Let’s remove the fluff and talk facts. Explore the science behind the materials and process of creating the Kapas bedsheet.
Cotton_Kapas_bedsheet - Malaysia

Extra-long fibres

Kapas bedsheets are made from 100% natural cotton fibres. Unlike other cotton sheets, our sheets are made with extra-long staple cotton, 37mm to be exact, which is then spun to produce the strongest and finest yarns.

The end result is astounding – long-lasting, highly absorbent and breathable sheets that get better with every wash.

Finest threads

The soft and smooth sensation of Kapas bedsheets are achieved by using the finest threads created from extra-long staple cotton fibres.

Our sheets have an 80×80 yarn count because it’s the perfect balance of durability and the silky soft sensation you get when sinking into bed at night.
Finest cotton Kapas sheets
Threadcount quality


The thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven in a square inch of fabric. So you might be thinking, “Does that mean the higher the thread count, the higher quality the bedsheet?”

Here’s the truth: Most bedsheets advertised with a thread count in excess of 500 are probably using lower quality fibres that don’t feel as soft and don’t last very long. The ideal thread count for a bedsheet made with high quality fibres is between 300 to 400.

And the Kapas bedsheet? Made from 400 extra-long fibre thread count for the price that’s practically a steal!


Kapas bedsheets use the Sateen weave – a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave. The signature silky-soft and smooth feel of a Sateen fabric is achieved because there are more thread surfaces exposed.
Sateen weave

Brilliantly designed bedding to accommodate everyone

Crystal Clear tagging on ends
Crystal Clear
The top and bottom of our fitted sheets are labeled “top/bottom” so you always get it right the first time
Buttoned up duvet cover ends
Buttoned Up
A longtime customer request – our buttons are bigger, easier to use, and less likely to come undone
Ties at duvet covers
Tied Down
Longer, stronger, and easier to find – our duvet cover ties keep comforters in their place.
Fully covered pillow pockets
Fully Covered
Our pillowcases use deep envelope closures – that means no open ends or frustrating pillow spillage
40cm thick fitted sheet cover
Fits all
Our fitted sheets are great for almost all mattresses up to 40 cm thick
Embroidered tags to ensure long lasting
Forever lasting
Don’t you hate it when plastic tags keep peeling off? We use woven tags that won’t fade
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