Our Story

“Design adds value faster than it adds costs” 
- Joel Spolsky
How did Plush Interiors come about?
We have a long history of success in running short-term and medium-term rentals at Plush Services, with more than 200 rooms in our portfolio. After more than 50,000 guests and 15,000+ reviews, we know exactly what people want in their rental units - high-quality, long-lasting furnishing with a unique interior design touch. The standard wallpapers that tear after 1 year doesn't work! Because of our experience in the business, we know the market – their wants, what they click on, and what they look for in a home.

After helping countless owners design their units, we realised that units that we furnish generated significantly higher returns compared to standard units without our input. A fresh look equals a higher return.

Now, almost all our property owners opt in for our interior design services. At reasonable prices, we hope to help our owners get the returns they desire.

Getting To Know Us

Meet the team that designs your home. 
Each putting a bit of themselves into the outcome. 

Zer Ken

CEO and Co-Founder of Plush Services/ Plush Interiors
Ken was a Project Manager in Novo Nordisk, with a global experience working on projects in countries such as Denmark, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Being interested in property, he used to purchase auction properties - renovating them to sell which eventually drove him to start Plush Services with Vin Li.

Wanting to look beyond renovating spaces, Ken is very much involved in researching and sourcing for furniture and soft furnishing. Clients can be sure to get furniture that fits their budget that does not compromise the design as he sources not just locally but also abroad for import. 

Vin Li

COO and Co-Founder of Plush Services/ Plush Interiors
Vin was previously an investment banker leading deals across SEA at Rothschild, Barclays, and Macquarie but has always had a fierce passion for home management and space transformation. She, together with Zer Ken, started Plush Services from ground up and over the years business has grown to over 200 properties under their belt now. Besides looking at best strategies to ensure that your homes get rented, she also considers the comfort and design of a home. Vin looks a lot into the design work and home decor - often speaking directly to the guests to get their honest feedback before making adjustments to your home design to suit the masses.

After years of experience in the property rental business, she knows the designs that best fit tenants that promises the maximum property yield for your home. 

Theresa Chew

Interior Designer
Theresa is Penangnite who graduated from Equator Academy of Art. Over the years she has completed projects locally and in some European countries like Sweden and Germany. She specializes in both residential and commercial interior designs and is especially good at transforming old and empty spaces into beautiful cozy homes. 

Great to work with as she enjoys exploring her clients' visions and creating themes to best suit their needs. Go into a meeting with Theresa and she will come out with a complete home, envisioned in her mind.
"But managing short-term rentals requires time and effort especially if you have several properties on hand. You may find it a chore or may be too busy to manage these properties when all when all you are looking for are yields to be banked into your account every month. Can you skip all the logistics and paperwork? Thanks to property management company Plush Services, it is possible." 
- An excerpt of The Edge, June 2019 (issue 2906/2019)
To read the full report (page 45): 

Design your Home

Increase your rental yield through great furnishing and interior deco. 
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