Icon Residence


The unit came ready with curtains, a loft built in and the kitchen cabinets. We saw how the ceiling space was high and natural light could be used to keep the unit airy. 


We used very soft and earthy tones throughout the unit so that it wouldn't feel too clustered - and will look very spacious, especially with it's high ceiling. There are eventual uses of bright colours to make the individual pieces stand out in the house - the lone armchair, colourful wall art, and potted plants throughout the house.  

Total spent for the makeover RM 40,290 

Transparent costing for space and comfort 
RM 4,970

Kitchen and bedroom

Bedsheet sets, pillows, mattresses, utensils, and cutlery
RM 5,275

Home decorations

Wall art, potted plants and vases, cushions, rugs, lamps, and accessories

Design and renovation

sofa set, coffee tables, TV Cabinet, dining table, bed frames, shelves, mirrors, partitions, painting, plaster ceiling, and plumbing 
RM 5,655


Bath and hand gel, drying racks, bins, vacuum cleaner and everything else to get you Airbnb ready
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