EkoCheras Service Apartments


We were given this exciting project whereby it was a duplex unit, similar to a loft style home whereby the living room, kitchen and washroom was downstairs and the bedroom was upstairs. The unit was handed over to us empty.  


We used the massive windows to bring in the natural light into the home and used a lot of very long curtains, long-hanging lighting and patterns on the wall to give the home the grandiosity in terms of space. The wardrobe was built-in to give the bedroom a cleaner finish and a more spacious feel to it.

Total costs for the duplex unit RM 20,729

Taking an empty space and making it home worthy for every tenant
RM 1,250

Home decorations

Wall art, cushions, rug, laps, table mat and coasters, floating rack 
RM 1,726

Bedroom and kitchen

Bedsheet set, work desk and chair, pillows, utensils, water heater and bathmats

Design and renovation

Loose furniture, custom curtains, bed frame, side tables, wardrobe, TV cabinet, sofa set, paint jobs, and lighting work
RM 2,455


Home appliances, washing machine, loose extras - shampoo, hand wash, etc to get you Airbnb ready
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