Frequently Asked Questions

Next Steps

What happens next after I’ve reached out to the Plush Interior team?

We’ll get in touch with you to discuss a time that will fit your schedule. Then we can arrange for a site visit to understand what you are looking for and some initial ideas that you can look into. If all goes well and you like what we have proposed, we’ll draw up a quote and send you some mood boards of what you home will feature and the ideas we have for your home.

Do I get to see a drawing of my home before works start?

What we normally provide our home owners are mood boards, visual presentations and samples of the furniture we would be furnishing your house with. If it is a go ahead, we would then proceed with purchasing and putting them in your home. A 3D rendering is possible for an additional fee.

Is the initial meeting and site visit chargeable?

No! We’d be happy to meet you at your home for free to understand what you envisioned and share with you the potential of your home.

Timeline and How it Works

How long does the furnishing and renovation of my home take?

We understand that no one likes to wait a long time before a project ends and time is money, whether or not you are renting it out or staying there yourself. So, we always aim to finish all our work in less than a month so that we or you can have it listed for rent as soon as possible or move into a complete home in no time.

What if I want to only furnish or renovate parts of my home?

That would be possible too. However, we would much prefer if we could design your entire home so that the design flows seamlessly and would tie in with one another. Your previously designed home might not match the theme we would have in mind for the space you are giving us.


What if I want to stay in the property after renovation?

We also do complete interior designing for stay-in properties which might differ slightly from rental properties. This would be in terms of furniture quality and price point.

Do you help with listing the property after interior works and renovations are completed?

Yes we do! We have a sister company, Plush Services, that manages listing properties on major platforms that you can speak to. They handle total management of your home including maintenance, cleaning and bill payments so you don’t have to. They’ll send you a report at the end of the month and works on a profit sharing basis.

I like your designs, can I rent one of your homes?

We’d be happy to host you! You can reach out to us on [email protected] or browse through our available units on


Would I be able to see any of your past work in person?

Just reach out to us when you would like to start on your home and we can show you some units that are similar in nature.

What are your charges like for interior designing?

Please refer to our packages here. Alternatively, if you have a bigger project in hand, do feel free to reach out to us and we can then further discuss.

Where in Malaysia is your service available?

We are currently operating in KL/ Selangor, Penang and Ipoh. Homes that are completed can also be listed with us in these regions.
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